Allyce claims her power animal is Tourmaline. I would have to agree. She has prodigious skill when it comes to faceting Tourmaline. She has produced several incredible Tourmalines over the years, but this week Allyce has produced one of her finest yet. This Tourmaline is strongly dichroic being a stunning seafoam blue one direction and a lovely lime green from a 90 degree turn. Both of these colors are perfectly oriented perpendicular to the table, which allows for both colors to be shown face up simultaneously. Allyce took photos throughout the entire cutting process to show off this exceptional piece. Original weight = 15 cts., final weight = 6.55 cts., Cut = Atlas. 

  When you roll this beauty in the hand the blue and green colors flash, but the colors are firmly separated from north and south to east and west. This one is tempting to keep. It is appears to be flawless clarity and the faceting is superb.   


  I have been working as well, on many things, and just finished up these beauties. 3.22 tcw Zircons from Australia in 18kt white Gold earrings. There is a scroll pattern to the earrings, and the Zircons are concave cut. The effect is spectacular and you can faintly see that the stones are slightly purple, which is an incredibly rare color for Zircon.

  There are several more new pieces, so I will drop those in another blog update this weekend.